About KP

Cliff’s Notes Version

Okie born and raised, but with a twist! My mom is from Castlederg in Northern Ireland, and my dad’s grandfather came to the United States from Norway. I have been capturing weddings and portraits for 14 years now, and have been a part of over 300 weddings. Most of my weddings are around Oklahoma City and Tulsa, but have also been blessed with weddings all over the U.S. and even as far away as India.

The Rest of the Story…

The important things in my life and how I look at the world around me.

I was the kid who took everything apart to see what it was made of and how it worked. Early on in my career of destruction, I never managed to get those things back together properly. This did not upset me in the least, but the same could not be said of my parents! The end goal was to see the inner workings and once I had achieved that, I was happy. To understand something at it’s most simplest level was where I gained the most joy from it.

So that’s me over there on the right. Most likely thinking about how to strip these sweet rides down to parts. Never mind that my parents were obviously well schooled in the latest fashion trends, and my sister decided to try out her hair cutting skills the day we were going for portraits! Also, what is up with that purple tinted hair?

I say go after the things you’ve always wanted to do with this in mind. No matter how complicated something might seem, if you break it down into parts, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.