real moments

Hello! I’m Kevin, and I am a wedding photographer from Oklahoma. I love adventure, creativity, and most of all, I really like to have fun! I consider myself so lucky to have a successful career living my dream and doing what I love. I am so grateful to share the happiness with my clients on their wedding day, and other special occasions. I’ve always had a love of photography and it’s been a wonderful journey making it my life and my business. Oklahoma City is my home, but have traveled to all corners of the United States, and even as far away as India for my clients. I look for inspiration from practically everything around me, and I continually try new ideas and concepts to keep things fresh. If my clients have a vision for their shoot, I will work with them to make that vision a reality.

“Photography is not taking a moment to capture something but to capture something in that moment.”
— Unknown

I’ve been capturing these moments for 13 years now and have been a part of over three hundred weddings and countless portrait shoots. Every wedding is a new and exciting adventure for me and my clients alike. I love hearing all the ideas my couples have for their big day and then creating the perfect plan to capture all those moments, and then transform them into a permanent archive of photographs.